Friendly Reminders/Announcements


As we approach the end of week two, I thought I would post a few “friendly” reminders for everyone.

1. If you have not set up your Dropbox/Wordpress account, you need to do so before class today. You do not want to wait until the first assignment is due because you are bound to run into difficulties.

2. Make sure you always check the course site before sending questions. I love getting emails from everyone, but if everyone sends me an email with a question that can be answered on the syllabus it’s overwhelming. I put everything in one place, so that you do not have to send me emails about frequently asked questions. Become familiar with our course site.

3. The bookstore should have more copies of Everyone’s an Author w/ Readings today, so if you haven’t gotten a copy go ahead and pick one up. Everyone is responsible for the course reading starting next Tuesday.

4. The Beyond Katrina assessment is this evening. After going through the departments instructions again, I made changes from what I told you in class. There are only five questions on the reading comprehension quiz and the writing prompt is universal, so you will only have one choice of prompt. Sorry for the confusion…

5. If you’re still having issues obtaining the textbooks. I suggest joining Amazon Student. Your first year is typically free, but it comes with discounts and Amazon prime shipping (free two day shipping on most purchases).


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