Essay Two: Rhetorical Analysis

Essay Two: Analysis

Purpose: Your purpose for this assignment is to write an essay analyzing and interpreting an image or song of your choice.


  • Use language to explore an analyze contemporary multicultural, global, and international questions
  • Engage in writing as a process, including various invention heuristics (brain-storming, for example), gathering evidence, considering audience, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading
  • Engage in the collaborative, social aspects of writing, and use writing as a tool for learning
  • Use grammatical, stylistic, and mechanical formats and conventions appropriate for a variety of audiences
  • Produce coherent, organized, readable prose for a variety of rhetorical situations



Conducting an analysis involves several skills: critical thinking skills, interpretative skills, and explanation skills. For the informative/analytic essay, you will choose an image/song of your choice (with approval), and you will provide an interpretation of this “text,” explaining your reasoning to your reader with specific examples, and informing your reader about this “text” and its construction of meaning.

Although analysis and interpretation is a subjective practice, there are several ‘Menses,” or perspectives, that you can use as entry points into your analysis. There is no wrong way to interpret or analyze a “text” as long as you use specific examples from your “text” to make your case.

An analysis serves to demonstrate the various ways the “text,” and the world and culture around us, constructs meaning. What kinds of meanings does a particular “text” create, and how does that affect our values, our identities, and our culture?

Your essay should contain a brief summary of the text and the author that helps situate the context of your analysis. It must contain a clear claim (thesis) that explains your “criteria” thoroughly and the body should be full of evidence that supports your claim. This should not be a summary of the image/song.


3-5 pages in length

MLA format:

  • 1″ margins top, bottom, left and right; left justified
  • Name block includes your name, your instructor’s name, the class (English 1101) and the date
  • Header should be ½ ” from the top right margin and include your last name and page number
  • The entire document should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font


Your paper will be evaluated on the following:

  • A clear claim, where you state what you think your text “means,” or implies, and why that meaning or implication is important
  • Support for your claim, in the form of explanations and examples from your “text”
  • An explanation of your “text” and your reasoning
  • Effective structure leading the reader from point to point
  • Clear and logical reasoning that is easy to understand
  • Paragraphs that each contain one main idea and that move the focus of your essay forward
  • Appropriate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics

This essay is worth 150 points.


Image/Song Presentation: Tuesday and Thursday, October 8 and 10, 2013

In-class Peer Review: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Final Draft Due: Friday, October 25, 2013 by 11:59 pm via Dropbox


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