Fallacies, Grades, and Analysis

Congratulations on making it to the midpoint of the semester! This week marks the middle of the semester and a change in how reading is listed on the site. From now on reading for each week will be included in a weekly blog post. I will try my hardest to get posts up early on Sundays, unlike this one.

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This week we are going to spend some time going back over reading that we didn’t have a chance to really engage in the last couple of weeks. First up, the topic of rhetorical fallacies. Chapter 3 of The Guide has a nice section on rhetorical fallacies and we will spend time during Tuesday’s class focusing on them. Additionally, be sure to review Chapter 9 of Everyone’s an Author.

If you haven’t already figured it out, this week will be dedicated to more analysis work. You will be doing a lot of writing during class time and working in your writing groups, so come prepared for it. This means bring pen, paper, laptops,  and headphones (in case you have to listen to your song again). While it may seem like a good time to skip class, trust me it isn’t. This week will provide you with tons of time to request help on your essays.

As of 3 am on Saturday, all personal narratives have been graded. So, be sure to check your essay in Dropbox for feedback and scores. If you do not have a score, I do not have an essay for you and you need to email me right away.

Blog Post: This week’s blog post will be another free-write. No topic, so no questions. 250 word minimum. (Worth 10 points).

See you Tuesday!


One thought on “Fallacies, Grades, and Analysis

  1. hey! I couldn’t find your email, but I wanted to tell you that I’m going to be late to class tomorrow because a history professor has my phone (YAYYYYY) and the only time I know where he is, is in the same time slot as our class.

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