How to Organize your Research Proposal/Annotated Bibliograpy

I’ve had several questions about the organization of your research proposal and annotated bibliography that is due this coming Sunday. I hope this breaks it down for you guys a bit more.

I. Introduction (first page)

This is your proposal for your topic and only needs to be a paragraph long.

II. Three Sources —each source should contain the following

   a. Reference (just like you would do on a works cited page)

   b. Rhetorical precis (This paragraph should contain the four sentences from the previous blog post)

   c. Summary (This paragraph is your chance to discuss how you intend to use the source and anything else that you found relevant that didn’t fit into the rhetorical precis)

If it helps you visually, put each source on a separate piece of paper, so you will have four pages. The first page is the introduction/proposal and pages two through four contain one source each.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer, as I will be out of email contact most of the weekend. 


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