Final Research Essay

Final Research Essay


This assignment requires you to demonstrate your ability to inform your audience about a person, problem, or issue through research.

Learning Outcomes

  • Engage in writing as a process, including various invention heuristics (brainstorming, for example), considering audience, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.
  • Engage in the collaborative, social aspects of writing, and use writing as a tool for learning.
  • Use language to explore and analyze contemporary multicultural, local, global, and/or international questions.
  • Gather, summarize, synthesize, and explain information from various sources.
  • Produce coherent, organized, readable prose for a variety of rhetorical situations.


This essay asks you to write either a profile or investigative report on the topic of your choice. I encourage you to write about something current or from the list posted in this entry. After you have chosen your topic and completed your research, you will write a well balanced informative essay. If you’ve chosen an issue, you may give your own perspective, but the bulk of your essay should show research from outside sources. This is NOT an argumentative essay, so be sure to write a balanced account on the issue.


5-7 pages in length

Minimum five outside sources

MLA format:

  • 1” margins top, bottom, left and right; left justified
  • Top left-aligned name block includes your name, instructor’s name, the class, and the date
  • Header is ½” from the top right margin and includes your last name and page number
  • The entire document should be double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font


Your paper will be evaluated on the quality of the following:

  • Thesis
  • Development of ideas
  • Organization
  • Mechanics
  • Usage and punctuation
  • MLA format

Due Date(s):

In-Class Review: Tuesday and Thursday, December 3 and 5, 2013

Final Essay Due: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 by 11:59 pm via Dropbox


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