Final Week of Class

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break. We’ve finally reached the end of the semester and your final assignment. Hopefully you all spent a little time during the break working on the assignments, but if not now is time to get back into gear.

This final week of class will be spent workshopping on your essays.  You will have two days to work in your writing groups, so I encourage you to actually listen to your peers responses on Tuesday and come back with a revised essay on Thursday. I will also be giving feedback in each group and on everyone’s essay as well. If you’re in the 5:30 class, this will be split up into two days and I’ll choose names randomly on each day. If you’re in the 7:15 class, I will be able to respond to each of you on Tuesday.

Update on Grades:

All annotated bibliographies have been responded to and returned. If you do not have a response or a grade, you didn’t turn it in on time or it’s not in your Dropbox folder.  Halloween essays should be graded and recorded in the next 48 hours.

I will discuss overall grades with everyone on Thursday, as I will have graded everything outstanding including quizzes.

See you Tuesday!



One thought on “Final Week of Class

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