Find a Buddy…

This post will be short…


I was going to get a shirt with “it’s on the syllabus” made, but I didn’t have time, so the above meme explains it. I spent A LOT time working on this course site and making sure it contained all the pertinent information, so I do not like to receive emails that have already been answered. If there is something about the site you don’t understand, that is one thing (and should have been asked during the first week when we went over the site), but when you ask questions that are clearly answered it is unacceptable. This is not high school and I will not hold your hand through every detail of the course. 

On another note, several of you were out of class on Tuesday and I just wanted to write this here before the emails start. When you miss class it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. This means you need to find a buddy or two in the class who you feel comfortable swapping notes with and discussing what we covered. I will not regurgitate the entire class period via email (or after the next class) to each of you who missed class. I would rather spend that time prepping for our next class or grading assignments.

P.S.I updated the topic proposal assignment sheet on the previous post, so that it’s corrected to say “two-to-three” pages like the blog post states.

See you all on Thursday!


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