Just start writing…

You will hear me say these three words frequently throughout the semester. After all the in-class discussions and questions about the assignments, the one thing left is to just start writing. Have confidence in your ability to pay attention and take notes. Have confidence in the research you have done on the topic. And just start writing…

This week’s classes focus on pushing further when it comes to rhetorical analysis. Your readings will go into more detail on ethos, pathos, and logos, which will help you prepare for the reading over the next couple of weeks.

For Tuesday, come prepared to not only talk about the reading, but to actually start writing your proposal essay during class time. This means if you’ve already started I will be available to skim it and give you feedback. If you’re still trying to get started, you will be able to talk to both me and your classmates about your ideas.

Homework Reminders:

Tuesday: Read Everything’s an Argument chapters 2, 3, and 4. Come prepared to work on your proposal during class time.

Thursday: Everything’s an Argument chapters 5 and 6.  Proposal essays are due by 11:59 pm in Dropbox (be sure to place it in the folder you shared with me).


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