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Now that you’ve finished your topic proposal you should be able to complete the “about me” section blog. If you haven’t already done so, create a new page, name it about me, and introduce yourself to the internet. You don’t have to use your real name, but you should be honest and let your potential readers know its an alias (ethos people). You should include a picture, even if it’s just one of those comic type pictures of yourself. Finally, introduce yourself and your project.

After you have finished your about me section, it’s time to actually start posting blogs. There is no official schedule for when you need to post, but I recommend blogging at least twice a week, so you’re not rushed in the end. Your grade for WordPress will be divided into two different parts and each portion is worth 50 points. While it is up to you how frequently you post, I will determine your grade based on the number of posts you’ve written and the quality of each post. Remember posts are dated, so I will be able to tell if you waited until the night before to write 10 posts. 

Remember this blog is a space for you to document your journey through research this semester. So, you should write about any new discoveries you find while exploring your topic. Or maybe you want to talk about frustrations you’re experiencing as you try to formulate your own ideas on a subject. Did you change your mind about your initial perspective? Blog about that experience.  Maybe you  just want to remember a quote that you saw while reading? Leave it on your blog with notes for later. 

This assignment may be out of your comfort zone, but part of the collegiate experience is pushing yourself to learn new things, so get out there and learn about blogging. I won’t hold your hand through this, so remember that the help section and google are your friends. Get creative and have fun!  

The first portion of your WordPress grade is due on Friday, February 28, 214 by 11:59 pm. 

Finally, leave your WordPress blog links below, so that I can follow you all. This is mandatory!!!! 


24 thoughts on “Blog About It!!!

  1. I have a question, above it says to use this space to document our journal and updates, are we going to reply to this with our updates or generate our own blog on our personal pages?? Second question is, for any questions we have since class is cancelled, post our questions here?

    1. I don’t understand your question. The entire post is about what you’re going to be doing on your personal page, so I’m not sure what you’re updating here.

      Post questions you have in the “Got Questions???” post.

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