And We’re Back…

Hi everyone,

The sun is out and the snow and ice has melted, so we are back to business as usual. If you didn’t read last week’s blog post, be sure to read it now. You need to download the updated schedule and assignment sheet for your exploratory essay.

On Tuesday, we will have in-class peer review, so be sure to bring at least three  hardcopies of your essay in for review.

On Thursday, we will delve into the rhetorical strategies present in historical speeches. Please read the following and feel free to bring in hard copies, so you are able to discuss them more freely.

“Inaugural Address” President Kennedy

“First Inaugural Address” President Obama

“Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation” Pres Roosevelt

“9/11 Address to the Nation” Pres GW Bush

As of right now, your final draft for your essays are due on Thursday, February 20th by 11:59 pm via Dropbox. We will discuss the possibility of an extension during class time on Tuesday. This does not mean that if you’re unprepared on Tuesday I will extend the paper deadline. Quite frankly if you are unprepared on Tuesday, I am inclined to keep the deadline the same because it will show me that you are not taking this class or your studies seriously.

See you on Tuesday!


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