Rhetorical Analysis (cont’d)

We will continue our discussion of rhetorical analysis and how the rhetorical situation is used differently by different orators/authors.

For Tuesday’s class be prepared to discuss the following:

“The Progress of Colored Women” Mary Church Terrell

(If you are in the 5:30 pm class, we will have a visit from a professor in the English Department. He is coming to observe me, so don’t worry, but please be prepared for class)

For Thursday’s class you should be prepared to discuss and engage with the following:

Ballot or the Bullet” Malcolm X

“Black Power” Stokely Carmichael

“A More Perfect Union” President Obama

Remember you can always print these out and bring copies to class, so it’s easier to discuss.

Don’t forget your essays are due tonight by 11:59 pm via Dropbox. Remember I do not accept late work, so get your essay in on time.


One thought on “Rhetorical Analysis (cont’d)

  1. Greetings Mrs. Slaughter,

    I submitted my paper lastnight, but its not a rewrite. I lost my notebook with my essay written in it. Its wack that I was waiting until the last min but I had a crazy weekend. Off the top of my head I couldnn’t remember what I written. I didn’t want to not turn anything in because you made it clear you don’t accept late work. So I submitted my proposal with some sources.

    Thanks in advance,

    Elizabeth Smith


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