Out of Class Work Day

As promised due to the attentiveness of most of you during yesterday’s class time, we will have an out of class work day on this Thursday. I encourage you to use this time wisely and truly work on your presentations.

Here are a couple resources to help you move past traditional PowerPoints and lecture style presentation.

If you’re comfortable with a PowerPoint, give Prezi a try. It adds a bit of flare to the traditional PowerPoint without having to spend a lot of time learning new software.

For those of you working on videos or podcasts, the Georgia State Digital Aquarium is a great place to create your work without having to spend a ton of money on software.

On Tuesday, I expect you to come to class with at least part of your presentation. You will be sharing your presentation with your assigned peer review groups and they will give you feedback on it. I will of course walk around and answer questions, but I will not be reviewing your presentations individually.

See you Tuesday!



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