Winding Down…

The semester is slowly winding down, which means we’ve finally reached the point where everything we’ve learned needs to be compiled together. In this class we do not have a final exam, instead you all are working on presentations that showcase your research over the semester and a final argumentative essay.

On Tuesday, you will meet in peer review groups and give each other feedback on the presentations. Some of you may work in the hallway, so that you’re not all over talking one another in the classroom. While you do not have give a full out presentation to your group, I encourage you to use this as a dress rehearsal of sorts. You will each fill out a rubric scoring the other’s work. It is my hope that you will leave the peer review groups with great feedback and a bit of confidence.

Thursday’s class will once again be an out of class work day. You should spend the time putting the final touches on your presentation and starting to write your final essays. As always, I will be available via email if you have questions.


All reflections have been graded and returned in Dropbox.

Annotated Bibliographies will start posting soon.

Presentations start next Tuesday!




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