Annotated Bibliography Class Examples

These are the examples of the rhetorical precis that you all completed during class today. Remember each one of your sources will have an additional paragraph, but we omitted it for the purpose of this exercise.

Carmichael, Stokely. “Black Power Address.” UC Berkley.  Berkley, CA.  1966 October. Speech.
In his “Black Power Address” at UC Berkley (1966) Stokely Carmichael warns that even if white people don’t overcome their racism, black people will ultimately succeed in their efforts for liberty. Carmichael deconstructs the ideas and history underlying the system of oppression that was in place and explores what steps are necessary to ensure the recognition of the freedom of black people.  He tries to stir the people in order to bring about social change.  His intended audience was progressive college students that he engages by using colloquial language.

Obama, Barack. “A More Perfect Union.” Philadelphia, PA. 18 March 2008. Campaign Speech.

Senator Barack Obama addresses the people of Philadelphia, PA in his campaign speech called “A More Perfect Union” (18 March 2008) to clarify his intentions to promote greater unity among the American people. Obama encourages the American people to abolish racism and discrimination, in the now, so as not to be bogged down by the past. Obama wishes to encourage the American people to let go of prejudices in order to “form a more perfect union.” Obama relates his oneness with the American people, who are his intended audience.

X, Malcom. “The Ballot or the Bullet.” Cleveland. 3 Apr. 1964. Speech.

Malcom X’s speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet” (1964), advocates for racial, social, economic, and does not want religion to stand in the way of justice. Throughout the speech, he describes how the black community should secede from the white community and supplement their own, and he asserts that as a suppressed community they should utilize the ballot and taking advantage of the democratic system versus the bullet and violent retaliation. Malcom X encourages the black community to fight in order to have equal rights as the white men. As an African American political leader, Malcom X urges the black community to rally up against racial, social, and economical injustices.


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