Less Talking More Doing…

If you haven’t already noticed, our class periods are becoming less about lectures/large group discussions and more about you actually applying the concepts during class time. While it may not seem important and it’s tempting to skip class, trust me you will want to be present because every activity has a purpose.

This week you will spend Tuesday’s class in the library and working on your annotated bibliography assignment. Remember each one of your sources must have a correctly formatted MLA citation and two paragraphs. Your first paragraph will be the rhetorical precis and the second paragraph details how you plan to use it in your final research. As a way to make sure you’re actually utilizing the library day, I want each of you to take a picture of yourself in the library with one of your sources for the annotated bibliography. You must submit your picture in your Dropbox folder during actual class time on Tuesday. If you do not submit a picture during the required time frame, you will lose 15 points on your annotated bibliography.

For Thursday’s class, I want you to bring in a piece of popular culture that relates to your topic.


5 thoughts on “Less Talking More Doing…

  1. Do we have to specifically go to the library? Even those that have personal laptops? Can we just send you a picture from our computers at home?

    1. Hi Deja,

      Yes, I want all of you to actually go in the library and find sources that you won’t always find on your computer screen. There’s so much that you’ll miss out on if you only look from home. 🙂

      1. I also just read the post about the picture in the library. unfortunately for me I’m not on campus and English 1102 is the only class I have on Tuesday. I went to a public library though!!!

  2. Hello, I’ve been working on mine since the weekend and today as well. I’ve been at home doing my research and I am just now seeing this post. Is there something we can add in our assignment that will serve as extra credit? Thank you.

  3. Hello Mrs.Slaughter, I am on vacation and trying to send in my annotated bibliography. My laptop just completely crashed and I don’t have it backed up on a flash drive. I get back in town Wednesday afternoon. Is there any way I could send it in then? That would be extremely great. Thanks, Deja Bolston


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