In Popular Culture This Week…

Hi Everyone,

As promised, I’m going to start updating the blog with things in popular culture, as well as reference materials that might help people with their social movements. I apologize in advance if your movement isn’t covered, but if you’re struggling we can always chat during office hours and find some things together.

For the LGBTQI folks

I’m Queer No Matter Who I’m With

The Forsaken: A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out By Religious Families 

For the Feminism/Women’s Rights Movement Folks

Ask a Feminist: A Conversation with Cathy Cohen on Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and Contemporary Activism

Beyonce’s Formation Reclaims Black America’s Narrative From The Margins

A Reading List for Beyonce’s Formation


For the Prison Industrial Complex folks

New Jim Crow 

For the Civil Rights/Black Panther/Black Lives Matter folks

Women in the Black Panthers

The Black Panthers: The Vanguard of the Revolution 

P.S. Don’t forget that Essay One is due Sunday, February 21st by 11:59 pm. Make sure you put it in your shared Dropbox folder. Do not share the file with me just put the file in your folder. When you share the file, it floods my email and then I miss the wonderful questions you ask me when I’m weeding through them.


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