Argument Styles and Library Day

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for not emailing me this weekend! I managed to get quite a bit of writing done and will start grading your essays this week.

As a reminder, if you’re having an issue with an assignment please let me know before the deadline passes. Per the syllabus, I do not accept late work, so if we haven’t already discussed an extension prior to the deadline you will likely receive a zero for an assignment turned in after the deadline. I do understand assignments being a few minutes late, but not days late.

On Monday, we will continue to discuss the different types of argument. If you missed class last week, make sure you pick up notes from a classmate.

On Wednesday, we will have a library day instead of regular class. It is my hope that everyone will use this time to work on your annotated bibliography. This means finding actual books on your subject, so that you’re not using the internet as a crutch.

Next week’s classes will serve as catch-up days, so we’ll get back to the speeches we haven’t discussed AND start having fun with pop culture in the classroom.


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