Annotated Bibliography Questions

Hi All,

I’ve received a few questions about the annotated bibliography that I’m pretty sure we went over in class, but I’m going to respond to them again here. This will save me from having to write the same email several times.

Question: Can I use sources from my first essay? 

Answer: Yes

Question: Do I have to use a book?

Answer: While I really want to see everyone stop relying so heavily on the internet, you are not required to use a book. Just know that if you are limiting your argument to only what you find online or in a journal, your argument is not going to be as successful as it could be if you use all the resources.

Question: Am I using the same topic for the entire semester?

Answer: Yes. You are stuck with the social movement that you chose and must be able to argue about the role popular culture plays in its success or destruction.

If you are still worried about the format or looking for an example rhetorical precis and summary, read this blog post

Any other questions? Leave a comment and we can discuss them here.



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