Sample Introduction

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a sample introduction for the annotated bibliography:

Trans feminism takes an intersectional approach to feminism and places high regard on the experiences of the individuals. As such there is no one face of trans feminism. Through the analysis of portrayals of diverse trans experiences in popular culture, I will attempt to show the positive strides made in the trans feminist movement due to this exposure. From being the punchline or shocking revelation (Ace Ventura’s reveal that Finkle is Einhorn) to a more nuanced characterization (Maura Pfeffermen’s transition in Trans Parent), the scope of trans representation in all forms of media has widened in recent years. It is with increased visibility of positive, more realistic representations of trans individuals in a variety of media, that will allow the majority, cis gender people, to gain familiarity with the trans experience and some level of comfort with the existence of such individuals. As we move into the Information Age, we become more and more connected to people and ideas around the world. There are no longer gate keepers for information. It is all available at your fingertips on the internet. Now those people who have felt alienated or alone in their gender dysphoria are able to connect and share with others going through similar situations. The internet is becoming the main source of information, entertainment and the most overreaching of all pop culture media. It is through all of this indirect interpersonal contact across popular media forms that understanding is facilitated through insight into the trans experience, leading to the acceptance of trans being one of many identifiers a person can have, thus furthering the trans feminist movement.

I hope this helps… Remember they’re due Friday, March 11th at 11:59 pm.


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