Rhetorical Analysis and Final Presentations

We’ll be working on your Rhetorical Analysis Reflection in class this week. On Monday, bring in two copies of your introduction and outline of your body paragraphs. On Wednesday, bring in two copies of your completed draft.

The dates for Final Presentations are below. I tried really hard to give everyone their first or second choice, but it wasn’t always possible. If you didn’t fill out the form, you were placed on the dates that were empty.

Monday, April 11th

  1. Deanna
  2. Michael H.
  3. Giles
  4. Marquesia
  5. Oscar

Wednesday, April 13th

  1. Christopher S.
  2. Madisyn
  3. Melanie
  4. Necole
  5. Michael M
  6. Mackenzie

Monday, April 18th

  1. Michael T
  2. Kimberly
  3. Sunny
  4. Ariel
  5. Emily
  6. Telisha

Wednesday, April 20th

  1. Kristina
  2. Marcelo
  3. Brooklyn
  4. Danielle
  5. Carl
  6. Bilal

See you all on Monday 🙂


One thought on “Rhetorical Analysis and Final Presentations

  1. Dear Professor,

    I sent the required assignment but somehow a couple of lines got moved. I do not what I did but on my hard copies they are right. I am not as good on a computer as some. Have a good week and be safe.

    With regards,

    Michael Meeks

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