Sample Thesis Statements

Here are a few example thesis statements for your final essays:

“Trans feminism is, for the most part, benefiting from the recent more nuanced representations of trans people and other gender non-conforming individuals in popular culture by raising awareness about the nature of being trans gender through personal narratives and by fostering para-social contact between the audience and the viewer, which in turn works to eliminate prejudice.”

“For the majority of society, the only exposure they have to people with autism is seen through the lens of popular culture; whether it is in the form of a supporting character in movies such as Rain Man or from news reports. While pop culture has made great strides, it still falls back on many stereotypes to portray characters with autism or uses them as a plot device. As a result, it gives an inaccurate look at what it means to be autistic which continues to hinder the awareness movement.”

“Since the beginning of the 21st century, American popular culture has influenced the international women’s rights movement in both the Middle East and Africa. Although much of this influence has positively affected the movement, there are ways, in which, it has also negatively influenced the movement.”

All of these thesis statements are specific in regards to popular culture…


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