Writing Studio

Writing Studio

The purpose of the Writing Studio is to enhance the writing instruction by providing undergraduate and graduate students with an experienced reader who engages them in conversation about their writing assignments and ideas, and familiarizes them with audience expectations and academic genre conventions.  They focus on the rhetorical aspects of texts, and provide one-on-one, student-centered teaching that corresponds to each writer’s composing process. Although they are not a line-editing or proofreading service, the Writing Studio is happy to discuss grammar concerns with students from a holistic perspective. Tutors will be alert listeners and will ask questions, and will not judge or evaluate the work in progress. The Writing Studio offers 30 minute sessions (for undergraduate students) and 60 minute sessions (for graduate students) for face-to-face tutoring.  Through Write/Chat, our online tutoring service, they offer 15-minute sessions that address short, brief concerns.  In addition, the GSU Writing Studio will sponsor workshops, led by faculty and staff, on various topics dealing with academic writing. Please visit the Writing Studio at 25 Park Place in  Suite 2420 or at www.writingstudio.gsu.edu for more information.


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